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College Hockey, Inc. welcomes media inquiries and interview requests about the sport. We also maintain a comprehensive list of media contacts at the Division I schools.

Please direct inquiries to:

Jayson Hajdu


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2023-24 CHI Media Kit (.pdf)
2023-24 National Pronunciation Guide (.pdf)
Alums in the NHL This Season
2023-24 Pro Signings

Women's Conference Honors, 2023-24

2023 Frozen Four Media Kit (.pdf)
2023 NCAA Tournament Media Kit (.pdf)
2022-23 CHI Media Kit (.pdf)
2022-23 National Pronunciation Guide (.pdf)
2022-23 Pro Signings
2022-23 Conference Honors

NHL Matchup Tool

Differences between NCAA, NHL Rules
National TV Schedule

2021-22 CHI Media Kit (.pdf)
2021-22 National Pronunciation Guide (.pdf)
2021-22 Pro Signings
2021-22 Conference Honors
2022 NCAA Tournament Media Kit (.pdf)
2022 Frozen Four Media Kit (.pdf)

2020-21 Pro Signings
2020-21 Conference Honors
2021 NCAA Tournament Media Kit (.pdf)
2021 Frozen Four Media Kit (.pdf)

2019-20 Pro Signings
2019-20 Conference Honors

2018-19 Pro Signings
2018-19 Conference Honors
2019 Frozen Four Media Kit (.pdf)

2017-18 Pro Signings
2017-18 Conference Honors
2018 Frozen Four Media Kit (.pdf)

2016-17 Weekly College Hockey Honors
2016-17 Monthly College Hockey Honors
2016-17 Conference Honors
2016-17 Pro Signings
2017 NCAA Tournament Media Kit (.pdf)
2017 Frozen Four Media Kit (.pdf)

2015-16 Conference Honors
2015-16 Pro Signings
2015-16 Honors: Weekly | Monthly

2014-15 Conference Honors
2014-15 Pro Signings

2013-14 Conference Honors
2013-14 Pro Signings

2012-13 Pro Signings
2012-13 Conference Honors

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Public Service Announcements

College Hockey, Inc. has produced 30-second video and audio public service announcements promoting college hockey that media outlets and institutions are welcome to use.

Video PSA: Dropbox link

Audio PSA: Dropbox link


Institutions, teams, leagues and media outlets are welcome to use the College Hockey, Inc. logo and link to Downloads available below:

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