College Hockey Inc.

The Best Time of Your Life

The college experience goes far beyond the rink and the classroom. Time spent with teammates and classmates, dorm life and school spirit create an atmosphere that is best described by a familiar refrain:

"The best four years of my life."

College life helps students develop a sense of independence and confidence while building friendships that last a lifetime. The bonds between college teammates last forever, as do friendships with classmates (and often future spouses).

"It goes by so fast because you're loving every single second of it." Hilary Knight | Wisconsin

Every Friday and Saturday night during the college hockey season, two teams play in front of an arena full of hyped-up fellow students, friends, family members and fans.

As many as 10,000 fans sing their school fight song after every goal. School spirit creates an atmosphere not experienced anywhere else in the world.

"Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing - the best years of my life." - Martin St. Louis | Vermont